About the Long Term Care Imperative

The Long-Term Care Imperative is a legislative collaboration between Care Providers of Minnesota and Aging Services of Minnesota to advance a shared vision for senior care and supportive services forMinnesota’s senior population. We believe that seniors deserve real, personalized care, and that such care requires further investment inMinnesota’s senior care programs and in the caregivers who implement them.


About Faces and Places of Care

The Faces and Places of Care campaign was launched by the Long Term Care Imperative to inform legislators, candidates, members of the media and all Minnesotans on the issues facing senior care. Through the Faces and Places of Care, the Long-Term Care Imperative will share the stories of Minnesota seniors, their families, caregivers and senior care administrators. In doing so, the Long-Term Care Imperative hopes to foster the changes that are needed to provide seniors with access to the quality care that they deserve.

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